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Cory Pierce,
SLO police detective arrested by FBI in bribery scheme
Bribe Date-2013-02-05
Desh Raj Singh
Chandigarh: IPS officer caught taking bribe, arrested by CBI
Bribe Date-2011-10-19
Raka Ghira
Punjab police officer caught accepting Rs. 1 lakh bribe
Bribe Date-2011-07-25
Meher Muhammad Shafiq
Police official caught on tape taking bribe
Bribe Date-2010-11-27

Do you want to report Bribe? Smacex is for you...

Corruption has become prevalent in countries across the world. Globalization in countries across the world is showing its side effects. One of those side effects is an increased level of corruption. Corruption is a big issue in India and countries across the world. We need an online medium where cases of corruption can be highlighted.

In India, we hear new cases of corruption coming before us, day in day out. We can see this as silver light in dark clouds. And this has become possible today thanks to the awareness among public.

SMACEX(Social Media Against Corruption and Exploitation)

Smacex is another link in the chain of Corruption in India campaign. Here, you can see latest reports about bribery and corruption. You can post your reports about cases of bribery you came across. Further, you can find latest developments in the anti-corruption movement you can report cases of corruption in anywhere in your city, state, province or country. Or for that matter, cases from any part of the world can be posted on Smacex.

How Smacex will help you ?

Once you have reported a particular case of bribery, the official in question can post his arguments in his defence. Further, all members are free to comment on any report available on the website. If you have seen an official taking or demanding bribery, you can post the name as well as, photograph of the official in question. Anyone, including the official in question can comment on your reports. Apart from that you can submit details about a particular agency involved in the act of bribing. The name of the people reporting bribes remains confidential.

Smacex provides a simple way to give your contribution towards fighting the evil of corruption. Through this platform, you can help pave the way to a corruption -free society. It will also help anti-corruption campaigns taking place in countries across the world. The website does not encourage frivolous kinds of allegations, or allegations inspired by political vendetta. So it is important that one makes sure that all facts are verified by the reporter. Smacex welcomes views and opinions about anti-corruption efforts being done throughout the world.

Bribe Date : 2015-01-21
  Narasingha Pani  

Cop Arrested For Accepting Bribe

An Assistant Sub-inspector (ASI) Of Police Narasingha Pani Was Arrested By Vigilance Officials While He Was Accepting A Bribe In The Tumba Outpost Under The Jarada Police Station In Ganjam District Of Odisha On Tuesday. As Per Superintendent Of Po...

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